20 Care When Washing and Keep Your Underwear

Split up  20 in wash and store your underwear that can make all the difference in the health and hygiene of your body. The underwear is in direct contact with parts of the body susceptible to infection. The correct cleaning and storage of the piece makes all the difference when it comes to health. In the female body, for example, fungi and bacteria that can accumulate in the tissue of a thong or bikini kettle black, for example, raising the risks mainly from landslides and vaginal infections.

20 care when washing and keep your underwear-underwear should have attention greater than normal clothes for that stay in close contact with our body(photo: disclosure)

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20 care when washing and keep your underwear

Check below  20 in wash and store your underwear:

Follow these tips and have wash underwear and saved in the correct way.

  1. It is interesting that, after drying, the panties to be passed with a hot iron, because the high temperature eliminates bacteria that may have survived the wash.
  2. Intimate parts should be stored in a separate drawer, away from the common clothes, socks, and even Beach clothes such as bikinis, swimwear and sarongs.
  3. Avoid placing in the machine, the ideal is to wash the parts by hand and never mix the white color.
  4. Soaps and perfumadores should not be used in drawers where the underwear because they can cause allergies in some people.
  5. Panties with spots may be left to soak with water and a good amount of mild soap or specific to wash lingerie.
  6. Female underwear should be washed separately from men.
  7. The underwear must be washed with liquid soap and with neutral ph.
  8. It is essential to be careful to rinse well to the play doesn’t have any detergent residue.
  9. Is not suitable to use bleaches and detergents in the washing of these pieces very alkaline. They ruin the fibers and if not rinsed properly can cause allergy or something since this type of play is in direct contact with parts of the human body.
  10. If the undergarment(es, Bikini, swimsuit) is washed in the shower with SOAP, she must be rinsed very well.
  11. Padded Bras should be kept open so that they are stacked on top of each other, to occupy less space. Never turn the Cup upside down, inside, because you run the risk of damaging foam and lose the BRA. It is advisable to still not put anything heavy on the BRA
  12. Never hang the undergarment to dry in the box. Due to moisture, bacteria proliferate quickly and that piece is unsuitable for use.
  13. After washing the piece should be hung in a well ventilated spot or be placed in the dryer.
  14. It is important that the drying process is done in places far from the accumulation of dust.
  15. It is essential to look at the label and check if the manufacturer warns some care specific to that fabric, color, or model.
  16. For the padded Bras it is advisable to remove the excess water with a gentle Cheerleading and to expedite, wrap the piece on a towel and press down. The bulges in foam can also be dried with a towel, but without pushing them.
  17. The Sun can cause tissue damage and fade the colors of underwear, so I prefer the shade.
  18. Drying machines can also cause tissue damage, especially to current, which lead in your spandex yarn composition.
  19. If you prefer to wash lingerie in the shower, it is important to remember to put to dry it in a location with plenty of ventilation.
  20. If you usually wash in the machine, there are special bags to put the lingerie without foam and it is still possible to find in housewares stores some rigid plastic balls, which serve to accommodate the gas-filled bras in the washing machine.

Care tips with male underwear

Some of the  20 care when washing and keep your underwear  are targeted to men and women. However, separate a walkthrough of how to wash his underwear properly:

1-Cover the drain the tank and put a bit of water, enough to submerge the underwear

2-Put your underwear and soak all of it.

3-Take a coconut SOAP, and lather it all

4-rub enough, lather. The best is even rubbing the hands, with brush you can ruin the fabric.

5-rinse, removing all SOAP

6-put it on the Clothesline. But here an important detail, do not place in the Sun, prefers a clothesline to take shadow.