15 Tips for Better Smartphone Videos

The best camera is the one we have always, so mostly the Smartphone. Because the small companions with every new generation get better lenses and sensors, and there are a number of useful gadgets along the way, the mobile video production is child’s play. You should pay attention to a few simple rules but.

Smartphone Videos

  1. Vertical Avoid Syndrome Video

There are good reasons why there are monitors and movies in landscape mode (natural human sight) – and even more reasons why they continue this tradition with its Smartphone should (loss of quality when trimming). Nevertheless, we are bombarded with vertically recorded smart phones videos.

Better exploited the width of the HD format! On the iPhone, apps like horizon (iTunes) automatically prevent that her time slips in the portrait mode. Apps such as vine (iTunes, Google play, Windows store) and Instagram (iTunes, Google play), which spit out square videos as a result are of course excluded.

  1. Filter? -You’re Welcome, But Afterwards!

The absence of live filters keeps us from nasty surprises. Many apps reduce the resolution for example. Also the shot-so recordings cannot be reversed. Have you filmed in black and white, the film remains so. You take up but normally, you can try then countless filter and have saved always the original as a security.

  1. Verwackelungsgefahr

At the simple snapshot, it is important to hold your Smartphone. It is as Ambidextrous, better with a circulation – better but to work with a tripod. This rule applies even more at the movies. Remember the attitude of her flicks the least and which enables you to a quiet, slow camera work.

  1. Movement in the Picture – Not on the Camera

Movement is good, it is exciting and leads the viewer through the image. But it is usually better when moving the objects and not the camera. Hectic movements and jitters are a stylistic device even in Hollywood, with the Smartphone they act but rather disturbing.

  1. More Close – Other Frame

Without optical zoom and with the smaller lenses of smartphones it is important to choose a frame that overwhelmed the camera nor the audience. Would rather concentrate on the main subject and you closer to tinker. So the blurry background effect with small lenses. Also, the subsequent cuts are then more, the overall impression of the statement will be strong.

  1. The Optimal Background

Spontaneous images, you have to take what comes. But for interviews, for example, you should look for distracting background on a quiet, not from the actual events. This aspect is ignored like also for sophisticated film recording. Prefer a too much worry, distinguishes the professional from the laity.

  1. Light

Light is particularly important. The relatively small sensors of our mobile cameras almost screaming for more light. Because the quality of the recordings is dependent on good lighting nothing more. Lens is to avoid in any case.

  1. Zoom

The digital zoom is basically taboo and should be used only when there really no other way; even if the quality loss at increasingly higher resolutions and when enough daylight is less and less weight. On the safe side, it is with extra lenses, which are inserted before the Smartphone lens.

9. Control – Focus and Exposure

Not only the resolution and format should be reviewed prior to inclusion. Good camera apps give you the option to choose the focus and exposure. Exploited in any case this, rather than to trust the automatic. So, also the exposure is not suddenly changed automatically during recording. Also the automatic refocusing should be disabled while recording in any case.

10. Slow Motion

Many smart phones or apps offer a slow motion function, with the exciting effects can be achieved. The iPhone 5s has integrated the SLO-MO mode for example. While a possible full-image area of the subject and of course an interesting movement is particularly important – as well as good light -.

11. Online or Edited

Short video clips are provided quickly with a filter and online thanks to mobile data connection immediately on all possible platforms. Should it be something more, so easily individual sequences of a film can be put together, which can be spiced up with music, texts, or different effects. Pays attention to a rising voltage gradient and not overdo it with too much fuss. In addition to the mobile interface apps, the recordings of course also on the local Mac or PC can be machined.

12. Graphics Interchange Format (Gif)

The image format with rather low color depth was already doomed, but is experiencing a small Renaissance thanks to the Smartphone boom. With apps like GIF Studio (89 cents, iTunes) or GifBoom (iTunes) you can create easily small animated GIF files from individual images or videos. A good and popular way to distribute short animations.

13. Pro Apps

A good idea is always more important than the best equipment, but worth the view in the app stores for tools that allow more manual scope when selecting the settings and even better exploit so the creative possibilities. It is a challenge to separate the chaff from the wheat. Usually it is worth is however, to invest a little money in good apps instead of about crashes, annoy lack of resolution or permanent advertising.

14. The 90-Degree Twist

It happens once in a while that Smartphone images twisted land to 90 or even 180 degrees on the computer. This can be changed of course with an editing software such as iMovie for the Mac or Windows Movie Maker. Also the free VLC Player, which is available as an app (iTunes, Google play) is suitable for easy viewing. There just in the menu under tools that call video effects and select the correct angle at the point transform.

15. Accessories

Not lack of external accessories. However, only isolated gadgets are really important. The outdoor professional has a small tripod and a waterproof case. The night man do badly without a tripod and used an external lavalier light in addition.

The reporter has of course always ready, but mainly an extra microphone needed to allow interviews and recordings free, noisy places. The artist as a purist like waives all or preferred individual gadgets like a small helicopter for aerial photography.

There’s even SLR mounts for iPhone for real photographers and video artists. To combine with the iPhone great Nikon or Canon lenses. Many weaknesses in our Smartphone cameras in true mobile power to be light so convert.