14 Exceptional Wristwatches

If you are looking for extraordinary watches or at least after wristwatches, which will become the future must-have, theBaselworld 2016, the trade fair for the international watch and jewelery industry does not pass. Again this year around 150,000 people as well as over 4,000 journalists from all over the world are expected to return to the premium event from 17 to 24 March.

But since not everyone can be there, I have already collected for you, my personal highlights of Baselworld 2016 and present them to you below. Many of these Baselworld 2016 watches will be featured on other blogs and websites in the coming days and weeks. Because the trade fair is not for nothing, with professionals and trade visitors, as a challenging and fascinating event of superlatives when it comes to watches. There, trends are set and consolidated according to VINTAGEINCONFIDENTIAL.

Andersen Geneve-Tempus Terrae “25.Birthday “With Blue Gold Dial

One of the specialties of Andersen Geneve, or Andersen Geneva, is the world-wide display, which the brand has passed for 25 years as the legacy of Louis Cottier. This had been the first universal display designed in 1930, whose system has not changed since then. The world display is based on a time ring, around the dial, which lists the cities, opposite is a second ring with a 24-hour division.Through the second crown, every city finds its time.
On the occasion of the quarter century, since Andersen Geneva passed the legacy of Louis Cottiers, this limited edition of the Tempus Terrae was created. It is presented in a limited series of 25 copies in white gold, 25 in yellow gold and another 25 in red gold.
Above all, the middle of the dial of the “Tempus Terrae 25th birthday” is an eye-catcher, it is based on hand-hammered blue gold as a material. This Andersen-Geneva trademark is based on the fine iron particles in 21 karat gold. Oxidation results in a unique blue. The handguilloched flywheel of this strikingly simple watch has also been created from the same material.

Arnold & Son-Constant Force Tourbillon

The Arnold&Son-Constant Force Tourbillon also comes with a wristwatch, which is only available in limited edition. There are only 28 copies of this watch worldwide. The inspiration is the house of Arnold & Son from its founder, the British John Arnold (1736-1793), who was a great specialist for naval chronometers. In the Constant Force Tourbillon, the company combines all the genius of this watchmaker of the 18th century.
In addition to the chic exterior, there is a lot of sophisticated technology in the interior. Thus the manufactory has a system for the force constancy of the spring and a mechanism of the “dead second”. By means of two series-connected spring housings at 12 o’clock, a uniform torque is guaranteed, which is transferred to the Tourbillon Hemparty. This, in turn, releases the energy only to the full second via a spring mechanism. Accordingly, the small pointer moves step by step. The result is a better visibility when reading the time.

Bulgari-Octo Ultranero Finissimo Tourbillon

From Fashionsicht you certainly know the statement: “Black makes slim“. With the Octo Ultranero Finissimo Tourbillon, however, this is not only an optical illusion, the Octo is actually extremely slim, therefore, the watch has just a height of 1.95mm. Nevertheless, Bulgari’s watch sent the creative strength of the Italian design with the know-how of Swiss technology.
To the matt aspect of black DLC-coated titanium, the gloss of the varnished dial is a counterpoint. All in all, a composition in the Total Black Look that convinces. Only the components in rose gold seem to jump out of the dial. The crown also rose rose gold from the rest of the watch and forms an interesting contrast.

Calvin Klein-Calvin Klein Step

Calvin Klein step stands for couple watches of the Calvin Klein company of the same name. These are waiting with clear graphics, are resolutely modern and manifest a certain sense of elegance.With their round stainless steel housing and their lines, the step fits every wrist, whether male or female. So the step waits with a total of four men’s and four ladies’ models. Calvin Klein combines materials and not stingy with colors.
The urban dial is fitted with a metallic dial, silver or petrol blue. The case plays with the styles and is available in two sizes. Whether sporty chic in polished and satined stainless steel or bicolor in stainless steel and red-gold PVD coating: the Clavin Kleinstep remains essentially simple. It displays the hour, minutes, second, and date.

Chopard-LUC Regulator

In the 19th century, the Chopard Wristwatch, which was named, was a wall clock in the studio, after which all the regulars set the timepieces. For better readability, the hands for the hours, minutes, and seconds on the dial have been separated. Chopard has already recorded this design in its own assortment, which means that the regulator has long been a classic in the LUC collection.
A total of six symmetrically arranged displays are extremely easy to read. Thus, for example, one has made an effort to place the hour indicator at three o’clock, where it is best to see. The manufactory is certified as a Chronometer (COSC) and stamped with the Geneva seal of quality. It sits in a slim-shaped housing. A watch that is not just for its technical sophistication.

Eberhard & Co.-Extra-Fort Grande Waist

The Extra-Fort Grande waist is the flagship of the Eberhard & Co. chronographs. The manufactory submitted this to a feintuning. The stainless steel case now has a diameter of 41 mm. The size of the chronograph movement, which is tested and reliable with the automatic lift, is responsible for the dimensions.
The construction-related height conceals a recessed floor. The harmoniously elegant shape fits almost to the wrist. Also the dial was set and reworked this thoroughly. Thus, it has a tachymeter scale and is offered in four versions: silvered or blue with silvered counters, gray with gray counters and as a last option silvered with black counters. In common with each other, the dials have a structured surface and Roman numerals.

Emile Chouriet-Soleos

The Soleos can be seen as a tribute to the Roman solar god Sol and to Eos, the Greek god of the dawn. This can already be seen in the beams on the dial, which characterize the automatic watch by Emile Chouriet. The dial is available in two versions: from an intense white or a beautiful blue color.
No matter which version you choose, it is dominated by a motif from the middle of the watch, which extends to the engraved notches of the bezel. The Soleos are made of high-gloss stainless steel. The light of the carefully polished indices is increased by applying them on the dial. A watch that definitely knows how to please and is certainly an eye-catcher on your own wrist.

FrÉDÉRique Constant-Horological Smartwatch

Last year Frédérique Constant, one of the first Swiss watch companies, launched a connected watch. This is the combination of a classic time indicator in conjunction with state-of-the-art technology, the result of this merger is the Horological Smartwatch.This watch has a precise track record of its own daytime and sleepiness thanks to its MotionX platform.
For each defined task, a small counter measures the exercise progress in real time at 6 o’clock in real time. Data collected by the smartwatch sensors are then synchronized with the MotionX 365 application, which is available for both iOS and Android. Particularly on this watch is certainly remarkable autonomy, which is usually rather a delicate point at Smartwatches. The battery has a life of 2.5 years without recharging.

Girard Perregaux-1966 Skeleton

At the 1966 Skeleton from the house Girard Perregaux the name is truly program. Thus the great work of a diameter of 30mm was skewed so that a careful graphical balance was obtained. The aesthetic contrast between the rhodium-plated gear and the anthracite coating of the circuit board and the bridges is like an admonition before a first trip into a fascinating labyrinth. The sluggish mass is aroused, the organs breathe.
Girard Perregaux makes a wonderful comparison with a painter’s canvas, with the good 173 components being nothing but the brush strokes on it. The case of rose gold 18K comes with a sapphire glass back, which is attached to a hand-sewn bracelet of black alligator band with a pin buckle in rose gold 18K. Waterproof is the 1966 Skeleton to 30 m.

Jaquet Droz-Grande Seconde Off-Centered Onyx

The Grande Seconde On-Centered Onyx was actually invented in the 18th century by Pierre Jaquet-Droz, but since then, the Big Second has always reinvented itself. With this current, absolutely sober design, the craftsmen of the House of Aesthetics of the 8 take. They moved the second. This creates a very special dial on which the two rings form an 8.
For the first time, at the Baselworld 2016, the watch from Jaquet Droz, in a 43 mm stainless steel case, confesses, with its carefully waisted and polished onyx dial, to the black and the great tradition of Jaquet Droz typical minor-dial dials. Due to the strong contrast, the clock achieves a successful game with the light and creates interesting light reflexes. The balance point of the Grande Seconde Off-Centered Onyx extends to a case with an inconspicuous crown.Which of course is also off-centered.

Louis Erard-Excellence Regulator

The Excellence Regulator (left in the photo) is a new version of the regulator model from the company of Louis Erard. The Regulator is regarded as a sign of the collection, since this creates a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity. The legacy of the precision instruments of earlier times can be found in the hour dial at 12, with its fine Roman numerals.
Your contemporary touch gets the watch by the very graphic design of the seconds dial. Like that for the hours, it is connected to the tread ring through a continuous rod held by two screws. The architecture is perfectly symmetrical in the vertical as in the transversal – aesthetics in a successful form. I personally personally extremely well.

Perrelet Turbine Gmt

If one is concerned with the house of Perrelet, it is noticeable that the automatic movement is a constitutive part of the history of this.For already its founder, Abraham Louis Perrelet, already had the idea of ​​an automatic elevator mechanism. Therefore, it can only be said to be consistent that the brand of one of the greatest inventions of mechanical watchmaking is constantly proving its reverence.
Thus, the turbine, through its shovels, which turn with the movements of the wrist, became the icon. The screw is as playful as it is fascinating, and it ensures that all models are immediately recognizable. The turbine GMT will be delivered in 2016 with a second time zone. The pointer is placed over the crown. Once in a while, the turbine map allows you to look at a circuit board with a stripping cor- ner and an engraved world map. Personally, the blue variant speaks to me a bit more than the black, which do you like better?

Tag Heuer-Carrera Heuer-02t«Black Phantom»

Not even a year is rum, since the day Heuer with the Carrera Heuer 01 presented the in-house chronograph movement. Designed with the Carrera Heuer-02T «Black Phantom», the successor of the 01 in the manufactory TAG Heuer. The new Carrera case is modular and consists of a total of twelve different elements.
At the Black Phantom is the name program, since it was made of black titanium. Equipped is the watch with the new work of the house: the Heuer-02T. For connoisseurs, it is apparent that the CH-80 chronograph movement, a certified Chronometer (COSC), was a godfather but presented here with a Tourbillon-Hempartie. Thanks to titanium, carbon fiber and the flying construction, the watch is ultra-light and dominates by its colors black and gray.
With its skeletal and uncompromising modern design, this watch continues the logic of the new Carrera generations. The bridges have large openings, the hour counter has been opened, the bridges are geometrically arranged. The chic watch is limited to 250 copies, which is priced at just over € 18,000. Bargain, right?

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier-Vaucher Private Label Caliber Seed Vmf 5401

If you look at the Vaucher Private Label Caliber Seed VMF 5401, you can hardly believe that it has only been the manufacture for three years to realize the dreams of those who choose watchmaking as a means of expression. Vaucher Manufacture is fully verticalized.Together with the sister companies, she unites all professions around the clock.
Thanks to its comprehensive know-how, the group is able to manufacture all parts (wheels, screws) through assortments (hemparties, balance wheels) to habillage components (housings and dials). The workshops in Fleurier, one of the cradles of Swiss watchmaking, are designed and manufactured to the best of craftsmanship and industry. From an edition of 25 pieces you can order your own ideas-100% Swiss Made and completely customizable.