12 Fashion Errors, according to D’inÈS De La Fressange

D’inès de la Fressange is, in my opinion, one of the women, French and not only, with more style today. That’s why, and being a former model fan, I’m curious about the books that are launching, and that make me learn more, either about style, or about the preferences of Parisians.

12 Fashion Errors, according to D'inÈS De La Fressange

In the last book that released-Comment je m habille aujourd ´ Hui-makes a catch of the main fashion mistakes that are committed. Here are some of them…

  1. Leggings.

Unless you’re less than 11 years old or you walk in the dance, it’s rare for the leggings to favor someone. To be used, they should always be accompanied by a long sweater in thick mesh.

  1. The fake brand handbag.

According to D’inès, it is worth walking with a “sincere” cotton bag than with a fake brand handbag, produced know there in which conditions and dubious quality…

  1. Long Bermuda with side pockets.

You can look good for the most adventurous men, but you’re far from favoring women.

  1. Compensated tennis.

As much as they are fashionable, they give the sensation of heavy feet, not even favoring those who have thinner legs.

  1. Skin or hair from the feet to the head.
  1. Bra with transparent straps.

The transparent handles are far from beautiful, more likely to bet on the strapless models or let it turn the straps on, in a sensual way.

  1. The accumulation of jewelry in the same look.

In jewelry, we can bet on accumulation, but always in one part: for example, several bracelets or various necklaces, overlapped.

  1. Skin color Tights.

D’inès advises to use only black tights. The others, as transparent as we would like them to be, they always notice.

  1. Show too much skin.

One thing is to use a shorter top or a bolder miniskirt. All together in one look is far from a good idea.

  1. Very low waist trousers.

They’re far from favoring and pretty sure they’re going to show their underwear…

  1. Mom Jeans.

For D’inès, it is not advisable to go blindly the trends and the return of this kind of jeans is undoubtedly a trend. What is happening is that they are far from favouring all kinds of body, so they should be avoided.

  1. Mixing Stripes.

It can be beautiful in a fashion editorial, but in real life, mixing several stripes on different parts, in the same look, does not favor the feminine silhouette very much.

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