11 Ways to Convey Sensuality in Your Photos

Everything that is Ethereal, that which is not touched, is not extreme, or that stands between two opposite poles, usually the topics more difficult to photograph, because it is neither white nor black, you can touch, or is square or round. It is an idea, and also a subjective idea, where the message is not always apparent and, of course, is subjective and emotional… The sensuality is one of those complicated issues, because it is not sexual but not innocent, is suggestive but non-obvious… In short, it is neither white nor black, and sometimes hard to convey such messages without tipping us to white or black.

How we can convey sensuality in our images?

While a model is not the only way to convey sensuality, it is true that the most common way of doing this is through a person, through the curves of the body, gaze, pose, clothing and environment.

1. Confidence

It is essential that the person who you photograph does not feel uncomfortable, either with you or herself. It should feel relaxed and comfortable with the environment, the chosen clothes, pose, etc. Only if that person feel full trust in the situation (and you), you can take your sensual side. If there is something that bothers you, either of his own body, the decor, etc, you should try to fix it by changing the pose, the environment, etc. It recalls the importance of breaking the ice in any type of portrait, but even more so in one so intimate. It seeks to connect with the person you are going to photograph before you start, talk, explain a little session, ask you expect he or she’s the same…

2. It creates a good atmosphere

If photographs to someone in an intimate way, logically this person should feel good, it is difficult to convey sensuality with a rigid grimace of disgust or nervousness in the face. The body and the expressions should appear relaxed and confident. In short, must be having a good . You can help with music, with a natural environment and a photographic equipment in general little exaggerated (especially if the person who photographs is not accustomed to posing in these circumstances), as “less photographic” is the environment, better. To do this you can search locations that already have good light and do not require a whole arsenal of flashes to get good images.

3. The pose

The pose of your model should be suggestive but at the same time relaxed and little enforced. Remember that we speak of sensuality, we suggest no show, and we have to work with a model at ease with itself, so it must be comfortable. Scenarios recurrent for this type of sensuous photographs are places where the model can sit comfortably (beds, chairs, walls, tables…)

4. The face and look

Look should accompany the pose, i.e., should be equally suggestive. To do this it is important that person forward security and self-confidence. Beyond the physical one, is this what attracts us people, personality is what pushes us to think that a person is attractive, and this can be expressed physically through simply a gesture or a look.

In this type of portrait, the use of makeup is common to enhance eyes, lips, etc., and cover imperfections of the face if necessary.


The expression and the eyes are capable of transmitting much sensuality

5. Soft light

Or diffuse, is that most League with this kind of intimate photographs. Do not leave to defend the wonders of natural light search scenarios that, while they can be Interior, with an entry of natural light as it can be a window, and attempts to play with the entry of light. You can filter it, if necessary, by clear curtains which act as diffusers. The power of windows in portrait photography is wonderful. If you don’t have natural light and need to use the flash, try to use diffusers (umbrella or softbox) to smooth and homogenize light.

6. Focal length

Since be too invasive can be rather unpleasant, I recommend that, if you have focus long, you use them. Through this type of focal, not only you can get closer to the subject without making it physically, but you can play with small depths of field, to be able to isolate your model of the Fund and consequently give greater prominence. If you do not have focal lengths long, trial to start with shots and go bringing you slowly to the model to give you the opportunity to acclimatize and avoid it to bother.

7. The details

The details are as or more suggestive than the whole. Lips, curves of a hip, a torso, shoulders, back, legs, etc., can be operated as the very essence of sensuality. They suggest a whole but do not teach, and let the imagination of the Viewer to “fill” the missing information.


8. Accessories

To add sensuality to the images, you can help of accessories such as linens, lingerie, shoes, necklaces and general objects associated with femininity if photographs women. For men, you can use underwear, shirts, jeans… Depending on the nature of each person bringing you, your tastes and those elements that make you feel good.

Also, you can use these “decorative” items as a symbolic game of sensuality; a strategically placed heel shoes, a piece of underwear abandoned in a Chair, etc.

9. Care and with the Fund

Make sure that there are no objects in the background that can spoil the atmosphere. Everything in which no repair can spoil us a big picture. A bag of the gym at the back, a door frame that protrudes from the head of your model, the shopping list, or a photo of the communion make sure that the Fund is “clean”, and if not so, looks for another scenario, varies the framing or works with small depth of field to isolate your subject in the scene.

10. Don’t overdo with processing

If you’ve got a good natural light, diffuse and wispy, you’ve used a proper makeup and good settings to avoid possible “imperfections”, surely the result of your images is very got and don’t need large adjustments in the image. Ideally, the images to breathe naturally and don’t abuse the processing.

11. Do not miss elegance

Sensuality suggests elegantly, attempts that your images do not lose that elegance that characterizes it, since it is the line that separates sensual photographs otherwise pictures is sometimes thin.

What do you think? Dare with a loaded of sensuality session? If so, I hope that you take advantage of some of the tips that you’ve left throughout the article. If you’ve found it useful, please, share it. Thanks and until next.