10 Apps that Connect the Computer to Your Android Devices

In an age of connectivity, the user has to change for the tablet and smartphone to the computer several times a day, for a myriad of reasons: to contact someone, play games or make changes in Photoshop, for example. There are times when you feel like you want to have more control over a mobile device, everything from your computer. There are applications that can help you transfer control from an Android device to the computer, allowing you to make changes to your phone directly from your PC.

10 Apps that Connect the Computer to Your Android Devices

These 10 apps allow the user to do things like: sending mobile messages from your PC, receive notifications of your cell phone in your working environment, retrieve files or custom messages on PC from an Android device.

1. AirDroid

One of the easiest methods to make wireless transfer of files between your Android device and your desktop is to use AirDroid. Once the user connects your computer with your cell phone through the free application AirDroid, you can use the web interface to view the photos, send SMS, take screenshots, move or delete files on your Android device.

Download AirDroid here

2. Airstream

Airstream carries all your files from your computer to any Android device, with access to your folders. In this way, the user can access, not only to his music and videos, but also everything you store in your computer. All you need is to run the server on your computer, then run the application on your Android device to access to your computer. No problems or download limits. Just start the transmission.

Download Airstream here

3. Polkast

No, Polkast does not store your files in the cloud, it will create a “secret tunnel” between your Android device and the computer for easy access and secure to your files. There is also a search feature which allows the user to search on your computer directly from your Android device. He still has a feature of intelligent caching cache files that are downloaded and to delete older files to make room for the new.

Get Polkast here

4. Desktopt Notifications

Receive your notifications Android device on the computer with this application. To receive notifications directly on the desktop, you don’t need to unlock to verify your cell phone each time you receive a new notification. In addition, the user still has the option to offer a direct response from your computer.

Get Desktop Notifications here

5. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an application that has evolved a lot. He sends files, information or addresses to an Android device and lets you see your notifications Android devices on your PC. The user can even send your files to your friends ‘ cell phones. It also stores uploaded files in your server to make it easier.

Download Pushbullet here

6. Message Beam

Need a beam title, a line or a url from your PC to your Android device? Use Message Beam, a browser extension to send it directly to your device. Just copy and paste the row for the field, then press Send. He also works in the opposite direction as Mouth Message is also available as an application.

Download Message Beam here

7. MightyText

If the little keyboard on your Android device is what makes it hard, when the user wants to write long text messages, MightyText lets you write on your computer. Install the application and connect it to your Google account, then access the web application from the URL provided. Messages are automatically synchronized. Incoming messages will appear in your browser, and you can also use it as a backup to restore the SMS/MMS messages in case something happens to your device.

Download MightyText here

8. TeamViewer QuickSupport

You are the go-to guy Android designated in your house? This app will help you better understand the problems plaguing your Android device, and even your own device. The standard TeamViewer software on the PC allows you to connect to an Android device and gain control of installing applications and General State of the device. The device is great for troubelshooting Android problems on multiple devices.

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport here

9. Mobizen

Mobizen is another application that allows you to control your Android device on your PC. This application allows the user to transfer files, make screen capture and recording, as well as receive and handle notifications. You can also send text messages from your PC with this application.

Download Mobizen here

10. Splashtop Remote Desktop 2

Did you know that you can control your computer from your Android device in real time? When using Splashtop Remote Desktop 2, the user can listen to music, watch videos, play video games, all this from within your Android device’s screen. This application also supports streaming all over the internet for $1.99/month (or $16.99/yr) and has a frame rate pretty incredible, perfect for those who want to stream and don’t get stuck in front of your computer all day.

Download Remote Desktop 2 Slapshtop here