Google Admits It Did Not Erase Data Collected by Street View

The Google admitted today that did not remove your files data collected by Street View cars in several countries. There in the UK there is a specific body to regulate and protect the data of consumers and citizens. The seeker had committed to erase the information on that body, the ICO, and this Friday he had to go back and warn that not fulfilled the promise.

“The ICO states that, first, the information should never have been collected and the company’s inability to ensure their removal as promised is cause for concern,” the agency said in a statement.

It is worth remembering that the Street View cars make the neighborhood photos. Two years ago it proved that Google also scanned the networks Wi-Fi next and eventually intercepted e-mail exchanges. This happened in more than 30 countries and the seeker has committed to remove the data.

In a statement Google said it also confirmed to be with a “small portion” of the data collected in the UK. The information was detected after a manual inspection of the company’s disk files.

Google apologized for the error.


You Can Expect the Lumia 900 and 808 PureView Next Week

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Rakuten: an Online Shopping Spree

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US Justice Sues Apple for Cartel Ebooks

The US Justice Department opened an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five US publishers because of the prices charged for ebooks. Two years ago companies are investigated for having changed their business model, forming a possible cartel, hindering competition in the industry and causing a significant increase in prices across the digital book industry.

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