Gant and His Thousands of Colorful Proposals for This Spring/Summer 2010

Gant It is one of those firms that truly worthwhile to spend the money on them. Not only because the quality of their products is unbeatable (their jerseys are the very best I’ve seen in a long time) but because it is also a very elegant brand but but nonetheless falls into the temptation to make your models and assemblies classics and bland, they continually experiment with colors, new collaborations and joint designs. And the result jumps to the eye. Continue reading

Pull and Bear Vs Mango (Homini Emerito): Shirts for This Summer

We continue with comparisons, that even though they are almost always odious, it is the only way we have to choose wisely and value items that will make up our wardrobe for this summer. After the Poles that we compare from Zara and Emeritus Homini Let’s go for shirts. The shirts It is a garment that is the season of the year that is always have a place in our sets, especially in the most elegant or classic though, as we shall see, it is not always so. Continue reading

The Campaign Full of Emporio Armani for This Spring/Summer 2010 / 2011

The model Sean O’pry It is one of the spoiled children of Giorgio Armani. There is no season that does not have it for some of their campaigns, whether it be fashion, perfumes or jewels. This summer is in charge of putting a face to the new of Emporio Armani. Continue reading

G-Star and Its Greener: Organic Raw

Without a doubt, the eco line in the world of fashion is more than just an ideal for companies low cost. The Dutch label G-Star Raw It has shown us that anything is possible with a bit of sacrifice and especially knowing where to give returns to their business and their quality controls to minimize the environmental impact derived from the creation of your garments. Continue reading

Dolce and Gabbana Dress Up The Italian Team for The World Cup

Two of the most important emblems of our neighbouring country, with permission from Giorgio Armani, are the National soccer team and the tandem formed by designers Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana. This year, both have joined forces to go to the World of football 2010 in South Africa

Well it is known love fashion and sport profess themselves, and it is that the most exclusive brands have always tried to dress to the elite athletes. Is not the first time that soccer and fashion join forces to transmit that feeling of elegance and glamour, in fact this year announced the deal that had reached the twins Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2, to dress up the boat.

Thus, during the World Cup, the Italian selection will wear Dolce & Gabbana, a few elegant and sophisticated suits designed by the Italian duo so players can wear them during his trip to the African country.

The uniform that look particularly Cannavaro and his teammates are has designed exclusively for the national team, and it consists of a dark-blue suit of two botonos, white shirt and tie jacquard. It has also designed a long coat, type trench coat, belt, and shoes to complete the equipment. Both the costume and the shelter have embroidered the coat of arms of the Italian selection.

From Mensencia we have always been in favour of this type of partnerships, and it is that the world of fashion and sport are very United, why always we like are announced new collaborations. From here we will keep you punctually informed of everything that goes steaming on the pitch.