Huawei ShotX

The new ShotX of Huawei is a phone designed specifically for people who love snapping and clicking photos. Features of this device, in fact, is its rear camera that can rotate 180° to allow the realization of “selfie” at a maximum resolution of 13 megapixels. Also interesting are the other technical characteristics of this device that they sell in the mid-market. But let’s see how it behaves on the field this Huawei ShotX, also called Honor 7i in other markets, in our review.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

Unlike his mid to high end models, Huawei has chosen for this ShotX a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5 GHz (MSM8939) 616 octa-core with a GPU Adreno 405 and 2 GB of RAMthat allow the system to be getting fairly fast and responsive even if the applications aren’t always fast in the opening. Even after using it for a pretty intense, overheating is not excessive. The integrated memory, expandable via microSD, is 16 GB of which just over 10 GB available to the user. Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi 5, New (Presumed) Real Photos Confirm the Physical Button Office |Updated

The mysterious Xiaomi Mi 5 is enriched with two new render from the usual Chinese, confirming the presence of social physical central button again along with other small details. From these last photos we can better observe the front panel of the device with its corners rounded and rather quite linear and very thin profile with regard to the display.

It seems that the Pandora’s box has been opened up for the next flagship of Xiaomi, Mi 5.Just last week we showed his first real photo depicting a part of the display, together with a curious render of the entire front end that highlighted the adoption of a Central physical button -style Samsung Galaxy or Meizu, to understand this-probably to make room for the fingerprint scanner. Today we have two new real photos (the alleged is a must, of course), then check out a few hours on the usual social Chinese, which seem to confirm this new stylistic solution.
Continue reading

Huawei Mate 8: First Images and Impressions

Available for the time being only in China and author of several sold-out, Huawei Mate 8 is already a great success even in our country in anticipation of the global launch which will be starting in January with the opening of the doors of the CES 2016. Today we want to give you an interesting image gallery and our first impressions, thanks to a test that we could do on the field of its Chinese Variant.

In hand offers a solid feel unique, very similar to the little brother Mate S with which it shares much of the building, design and material (but not the slight curve on the back), absolutely top quality. Despite the 6-inch diagonal, optimization of frames is the best you can find to date on a smartphone, making it appear less “frying pan” than you might think. Continue reading

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Notes

A few months after the presentation of the Redmin Note 2 Xiaomi churns out this Redmi Note 3 scoring another hit that confirms the reputation of the company. A device that knows a little provocation to other brands and the race who shoots the highest price and represents a good compromise between quality construction and good performance.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

With Redmi Note 3 Xiaomi has definitely saved in terms of materials and build quality metal unibody, weight that remains quite low considering the huge, generous size but which do not affect the General ergonomics and a general good feeling are the strengths of this product as soon as we start to use. 5.5 inches may seem too many for someone. But if you are looking for a terminal with a large screen but held in your pocket, the Redmi could do for you thanks to a good optimization of frames. However the similarity with the competitor Meizu MX5 does not give us the idea of dealing with an innovative design Continue reading

Oppo R7s: the Video Review in English | A New Experiment 

After some tests started over a year ago, today we give the public another small piece of #HDrevolution, a project that is extremely complex and that, like all things developed over several years, sees small setbacks, reorganisations, changes and improvements. Visa requests had for some time, the presence of a large number of foreign users who attends our pages and interact with the community, officially our site, our international Youtube Channel will initially be more a public experiment that a copy 1:1 of the Italian channel our site.

Now you can enjoy some of our reviews in English on YouTube channel . Nicholas Gray will be a face to which we hope you will get used and his style is absolutely both for the type of reviews and editing, both for the general approach. Continue reading

Huawei Nexus 6 p: Technical Analysis by Our Site

Readers of my column on our site will already know that the Nexus 6 p (name really unsexy!) is the new flagship of Google, a device for Android OS smartphone aficionados who love a large screen and with a generous; a consumer group that the marketing has labeled the phablet lovers and you don’t care about the usability of the phone with one hand as mother nature has endowed them big hands and a real macho. For these people Google developed the Nexus 6 p!

The Nexus brand has fascinated me since the choice of the term “link” from the beginning I found it brilliant: a link between Google and OEMs and between Google and us users to show the State of the art of the Android OS. Google has never explained the origin of the name, but like all things genius there is no need to do this because you are best left to the imagination.Of course those of you who have more computing culture will be thinking about the novel by Philip k. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, in which the protagonist Rick Deckard has the task of eliminating a group of androids-Nexus-6-very similar to human beings. Then the smartphone Nexus for abstraction have always been, to Google, that point of contact between humans and androids. Continue reading

Huawei Mate 8, Which Is Why the Device Will Never Lose GPS Signal

The California-based company InvenSense Inc. has officially announced today that they have provided licensed to Huawei the proprietary technology of assisted positioning by means of sensors and the InvenSense Positioning software Library (IPL) to integrate the processor HiSilicon Kirin 950 exists within the new Huawei Mate 8 .

The innovative technology creates an “inertial navigation system (INS) able to temporarily replace the GPS in poor signal conditions. Advanced and complex algorithms are able to calculate the data provided by the sensors in your device as the gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer or barometer, allowing the user to have in any situation of turn-by-turn navigation. Continue reading

Huawei Contest Kicks off “#TouchYourMoMent”: at Stake are 10 Huawei Mate S

In recent days has officially launched the new competition “#TouchYour Moment” from Huawei that is giving away 10 Huawei Mate S. the initiative aims to increasingly direct involvement of users through “a mix of online and offline activities” who see the new smartphone Huawei Mate S.

To enter the competition you must register on the website or through the app “touch your moment” and upload a picture that expresses your personal idea of “touch”. You can also customize your photos by choosing from a variety of frames and then post them on the gallery website and, in addition, on their social profiles. Continue reading

WIKO Pulp 4 g

We return today to talk about the new 4 g smartphones Wiko Pulp which replaces the Ridge came out at the beginning of the year, managing to get into a price range even more interesting: 159€. Wiko Pulp 4 g is a product which incorporates all the good 2015 series of French writer but perhaps not the most successful product if we compare to the Fever. Let’s find out in the full review.

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

WIKO Snapdragon platform-based Pulp, 4 g is 410 has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory expandable. A smartphone that is balanced and which also features a 5-inch hd display helped by a GPU Adreno 306. Nothing to say so at the hardware level considering the presence of a rear and front, both 13MP camera 5MP camera with Led Flash. Continue reading

Huawei Mate 8

Huawei has further raised the bar by uncovering Mate 8, phablet top of the range and China is already breaking the game and soon will debut even outside Asia. The design does not change much compared to the predecessor Mate 7 and also partly reproduces the lines of Mats S, enhancing details and materials, in addition to hardware under the body, entirely made of aluminium.

It is on sale only in China for just over 500 €, but in Europe and around the world the market price should be much higher. Taking advantage of an event being held in Shenzhen, we briefly put their hands on the device. All the lovely words expense up to now have been more than confirmed: Mate 8 is one of the most interesting devices of category, its 6 inch do not seem so many thin lateral frames views and an excellent build quality. Continue reading