Lenovo and Google Have Something to Teach Us Next January 7 Related Project Tango

Google is in luck, it seems that you one star of the famous group of advanced technology and the Mountain View giant projects – projectsthe ATAP Google and his Tango Project-It will have new partners from the first quarter of 2016.

In particular, it will be Lenovo who announced on January 7 in the framework of the CES in Las Vegas and a joint event with Google Project Tango membership, Although at the moment we don’t have any details about the agreement. Continue reading

What Is Looming (And Hope) for Android in 2016

2016 is just around the corner and the first quarter of the year will see much of the trends that come to Android during the next few months. CES and Mobile World Congress will mark the beat of the hardware in January and February while we will have to wait until May and the Google I/o to learn more about the future of Android and its presence in all kinds of devices. We smell some trends we but with others we like to speculate and ponder what lies ahead will be.

This coming year is presented as a stage where Android has more windows than ever: Smartphones, tablets, wearables, cars, televisions, internet of things, virtual reality… Hiroshi Lockheimer happened to Pichai as head of the platform and is a challenge as complicated as exciting. Manufacturers, on the other hand, will have more competition than ever and rules of the game have changed drastically in 2015. Made presentations, I leave you with what I think will happen in 2016 around Android. Continue reading

Gifts for Android User Guide

The Kings are just around the corner. If you were waiting for this date to make a gift, we have good news for you because we have prepared a shopping guide so that you may know what to give to all those who have an Android devices. Either a smartphone or a tablet, then you leave a lot of ideas that we are sure acertaréis.

The idea of this guide is to offer a selection of products for all those who have Android and they want to get more out yet to your device. We have accessories of all kinds and some other surprise. To make life easier still, we have made sure all products that are bound to arrive before the sixth of January. So you will not have to leave a card among the gifts to say the Kings (read the Messenger) has been delayed. Continue reading

Bluboo Xwatch, The First Android Wear Made by a Small Company China

So far all the Android Wear market have come through great brands: Huawei, Motorola, LG, ASUS, Sony… Long ago he speculated with the possibility that this operating system for wearables was a key with which Google could enter China again. We do not know if this tool will be who unlocks the door but we already know that from this Asian giant a connected watch that uses this platform will come us soon. Continue reading

Motorola Moto 360 Sport Already Is Available in Spain by 289 EUR

Almost a couple of months ago the bike 360 of second generation was put on sale in Spain. Now, just before the sound of the chimes, the signing of Lenovo launches the sportier model and we met in the latest edition of IFA. A Sport version with silicone strap and a clear orientation who wants a watch for something more than time.

The main difference with the normal model is found, in addition to design, in the introduction of GPS. Motorola wants to let us the mobile phone at home when we go out to do sport and that Android Wear be responsible for our steps to quantify, measure heart rate and geolocalizarnos to know the route that we have done and then export it to any compatible application. It is available from today itself to a PVP from 289 EUR. Continue reading

Already Have a MiBand, Should Buy Me La MiBand 1S?

Despite not being very sporty, I decided to do me with bargain bracelet Xiaomi mostly out of curiosity. Costing about 10 euros approximately, who could resist? It includes a fairly acceptable pedometer, a battery that lasts for nearly a month and, what most interested me, discrete notifications on the wrist… A bargain, go.

A few weeks of having it, any technological buyer’s worst nightmare became a reality. They started rumors of a updated version my wrist, which would be called MiBand 1S and would include a heart rate monitor, the great lack of original bracelet, and at almost the same price. UPS. Continue reading

Qualcomm Rename Two of Its Processors to Appear ‘More Advanced’

Qualcomm unveiled in February the succession to its line of processors for the middle range. The relay to the famous 615 Snapdragon came in the form of the 618 and 620. Two models that are today renowned for ‘reflect the advanced performance’ to provide, according to Qualcomm. Now called Snapdragon 650 and 652.

The novelty in these processors is the new ARM architecture. The core Cortex A72 they are those who will see in the next generation of high-end processors. Use them in six- and eight-core configurations, next to the Cat 7 LTE (300/100Mbps), have made the manufacturer rethink its name. Continue reading

Google Expands Its List of 12 New Models for Android Wear Fashion Watchfaces

Google wants Android Wear may be only a device to more technology public. With manufacturers such as Fossil and Tag Heuer come to a public that is more akin to fashion and seeking another kind of style in the smartwatches. To give a push, have today announced the creation of nine watchfaces to make the clock a little more fashion.

In this second batch of watchfaces for Android Wear names are incorporated as Ted Baker, Melissa Joy Manning or Vivienne Tam. Names that perhaps many don’t you sound, but are authentic references in the world of fashion. Just out of curiosity, it is worth to take a look because you like it or not this sector, there are some that are very friendly. Continue reading

Unity and Google Move Tab to Convert Chromecast on a Very Inexpensive and Attractive Console

With the release of a major update to Chromecast in March saw that Google had ambitious plans for your HDMI dongle: I wanted to convert it to a console and is slowly convinced that is going to get it. There are some games that allow us to send the display to the TV and play from your mobile and in a future catalog of compatible titles will grow much with this new movement which today we.

Google announced yesterday the creation of a plugin Google Cast Remote Display for Unity (one of the most popular game design tools) that would help developers to submit their Android games on TV and thus facilitate the union between both screens. If all goes well, Chromecast would become an even more interesting accessory. Continue reading

New Rumors Are Running That The First HTC Smartwatch Could Arrive in February

Earlier this year they began to ring the first rumors that pointed to that HTC would be ready to March Smart Watches market plunge. He spent the first March and then the rest of the year, and at this point We have not yet heard this hypothetical clock. But now again appear voices that claim that he is closer than ever.

On this occasion who has advised of the arrival of the smartwatch of HTC has not been other than the mythical “semi-retired” filtering Evan Blass. It has not given details or filtered any specification, but has written a Tweet that says that the clock One could come during the month of February. Did someone say Mobile World Congress? Continue reading