Tested On Mobile And Tablet: Apple Music Against Spotify co.

A lavish musical offering is super, but have stream the title easily on mobile phones or Tablet? There there, easy playlists & co. To create and manage? And works incorporating locally stored songs? To determine which COMPUTER has image next to the PC and Web services by Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, Google and Napster the apps of the Musikbeschaller with paid subscription tested.

Quick access to lots of music

There all apps free download for ios and Android except Apple music: here is the streaming service with ios 8.4 in the on-board music app integrates. After logging in, the apps in the test offered immediately full access to all functions, the songs selected by Web and playlists, as well as the lush music catalog. Just like on the PC, the test shopping on mobile and Tablet especially at Google, Apple and Deezer was filled. Continue reading

Alcatel Watch: Stylish Clock for Android and ios in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Alcatel watch is a stylish watch with all basic functions of a Smartwatch: time display, fitness functions and Smartphone notification. For a full-fledged Smartwatch but lacks a core function: apps. Best price on the Internet: 136,69 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro waterproof to IP67 good, bright display heart rate monitor notifications (emails, SMS,…) For Android and iphone counter clock display not permanently activate the indicated by the arm lifting works often not any apps can be retrofitted assessment the editors sufficient user rating now evaluate who unpacks the Alcatel onetouch watch for the first time, is positively surprised: Yes, she actually almost as good looks in the photos. The round metal housing is well processed, radiant colors in the display (240 x 204 pixels) and the time display is presented in classic minimalistem design. Only the plastic strap is not high and is slightly stiff when you create. From a distance is similar to the Alcatel watch of the Moto-360 Smartwatch by Motorola, but slightly larger. The display is not completely round like in this, it ends with a black bar at the bottom. Good: The case is waterproof to IP67. Continue reading

Android Users Resent DB Navigator App

With the new update of DB Navigator app, the railway has killed an important Android function for commuters: the delay swidget. Widgets are a strength of Android and so far you couldn’t put a favorite route as a mini window on one of the home screens and show the current delay situation with a slight tip. This is now over: the Widget displays only individual travel. Commuters come up empty. Removed the railway also has the ability to store schedules, call them also in the radio hole in the train to offline.

Send cards, but…

The DB Navigator is one of the most popular apps in Germany, especially among commuters. There he exploited a strength of Android so far: the possibility to place so app functions as a widget on a home, you can use it without app start. It is unclear why the DB now removed this function. Have the developers of the fascination of the map display succumbed to? That would be disastrous. The map display looks nice though, but little advantage for rail customers. An advantage of train driving, finally, is that you need no Navi. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: Noble Tablets With Android Flat Presented

With the Galaxy Samsung had already shown alpha, as well as the favourable spin-offs of Galaxy A5 and A3, destination for new premium products. As boring and ignoble existing plastic gives way to order materials such as metal. With the now officially presented Galaxy tab S2, the manufacturer sets this trend continue.

Galaxy tab S2 appears in two sizes

Actually the manufacturer with the Galaxy tab S2 has announced two new models. Because Samsung brings the device as of mid September 2015 in a 9.7-inch (Galaxy tab S2 9.7) and an 8-inch version (Galaxy tab S2 8.0) on the market. Loosen the Galaxy tab 10.5 S and Galaxy tab S 8.4. Both models have a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, the manufacturer changes with the new models so to the 4:3 aspect ratio. Remains in display technology at Super-AMOLED Samsung, vibrant colors and high contrast values allows. Continue reading

Readers Check: HTC Desire 626 G Klarmobil Allnet Flat In The Premiere Test

How good is the brand new smartphone HTC desire 626 G dual SIM? This could check our site reader exclusively and received the device including a call & Internet flat rate of Klarmobil. Particularly practical: the very thin with just 8 millimeters phone has two SIM card slots, the premiere testers were still on your usual number can be reached.
Action: HTC Smartphone & Allnet Flat for only 14.85 Euros a Month

Testers say that

The testers have answered several questions on the Smartphone and tariff. Overall the HTC desire 626 G dual SIM left a very good impression. The testers were nearly of the same opinion as regards weight and ease of use. So thinks about Michael Freyer: the 137 grams light mobile lies well in the hand. There are no disturbing edges or corners. Also Daniel fat shares this opinion: despite the size very easily fits easily in the hand. In addition, the most premiere testers praised the clear, sharp display. Continue reading

Mobile Flat Rates In The Comparison: The Best Smartphone Tariffs Below 20 Euro

Earlier, every minute of a call cost lots of money. Talks were even more expensive than at night on the day, was not always clear what call time is just the most convenient. An SMS cost much money 19 or even 29 cents if you sent them to a foreign power. And expected when surfing the mobile Web providers per megabyte or even kilobytes from excursions on the Internet were quickly correct expensive.

Smartphone-flats: A price for everything

Those days are fortunately long gone. Who want to get everything from his Smartphone without fearing the Bill while at the end of the month, rising to on mobile flat rates. Calls for significantly less than 20 euros a month, text and surf you want so much, so often and so long. Continue reading

Flat Flounder: the Thinnest Smartphones

Goods mobile phones a few years ago is still thick bone with two-colour display and just enough memory for 20 SMS, can modern smart phones replace almost the PC. They come with sharp displays and lightning fast processors and still fit in your pocket. The ingenuity of the manufacturers makes it possible: that manage to accommodate modern technology into ever-thinner case. Our site has crawled the Smartphone leaderboard and thinnest models wanted.

Huawei has thin, thick Nokia things

Front part at the technology slimming madness Huawei is. The Chinese manufacturer placed equal to four devices in the top 10, a model of the subsidiary brand honor included. Otherwise it looks Lumia devices from Microsoft and Nokia, respectively. They are more robust and settle at the bottom of the table. The thickest Planer comes from Samsung: Galaxy K zoom measures over 2 centimeters. What manufacturer has the thinnest device on offer, information in the photo gallery. Continue reading

Expand Memory In The Notebook: The Most Important Tips

Both PCs and notebooks memory (random access memory RAM) is one of the most important hardware components. Although more RAM makes Windows usually hardly faster, but if the memory is too limited, he proves to be as a strong factor and working is not fun. If you have a laptop in the years, continue reading: hereafter learn how memory affects the pace and how you specifically remove him.

Why upgrading makes sense

All programs and files, which you by double click Download, ending up in memory. It’s a known as volatile memory, which empties when the notebook is switched off. While the device is running, the memory should provide sufficient reserves for all requested content. If for example the browser or the video editing software uses more memory than available, the operating system of a tricks uses, to further ensure functionality: it outsources unneeded memory data to the hard disk. Later, it writes the data if necessary, back into main memory. This process is costly and takes time, because hard drives considerably slower work. Who his notebook a RAM upgrade treats, prevents the use of the so-called swap file (virtual sometimes called memory): so all data land safely in the snappy memory. 4 gigabytes of memory are now up to date, it is well equipped for the future with the double capacity. More RAM makes sense if you work frequently with virtualization software or General with many large files. Continue reading

Honor 3C: 5-inch – Smartphone for 140 Euro in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The honor 3 C boasts a long battery life and a passable for the price camera (also in Selfie mode). The work pace is leisurely. Not timely: LTE is missing. Per order this product on Amazon light display good stamina dual SIM memory card slot contra no LTE of small memory test note of the editorial 2.99 satisfying user rating now to review the honor 3 C is smaller and cheaper than the honor 6. But despite the low price the honor can boast 3 C at least during the reading of the data sheet a very potent facilities, which partly resembles the more expensive devices.

Honor 3 C: 5 inch large display

The honor 3 C comes in a rather nondescript plastic housing with a glossy finish. As for the Moto G (2nd generation), a 5-inch display with easy HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) is fully inserted. In the test, it delivered a quite passable brightness, with 528 candela per square meter in about to iphone level. Also the color fidelity is good with 98.5 percent. Low sharpness is only on closer inspection. Continue reading

Road Trip: Area 51

Attracts tourists to Nevada because they seek their fortune in the gaming city of Las Vegas, conspiracy theorists pilgrimage to the air force grounds area 51 because the Government hiding there Yes, ufos and aliens. The hardness testers from our site traveled in the mercilessly hot desert State, to bring modern technology to its limits: how well beat man, machine, and current hardware in the hostile environment? Who enters the solitude of the desert, changes fairly quickly the priorities: the reception performance about a Smartphone is irrelevant, because out here there are already no power. Camera, battery life, and a robust construction are important. The pictures and videos of the aliens convince also the last doubters, come several cameras in the baggage. Various smartphones and a Dashcam therefore in addition to the brand new action cam gopro Hero + LCD were essential for the trip. Of course an absolutely reliable car are essential for a these extreme road trip and if you look the cell towers in the desert a hotspot. So once again fill up, fill up with water and go: from mountain view in California’s goes over 1,700 kilometres to Rachel in Nevada to the secret U.S. base in the middle of the desert landscape. Continue reading