Mozilla Intends to Deliver Firefox 4 in February

Despite the delays in the development of Firefox 4, which was scheduled to come out in November last year, Mozilla ensures that February does not pass. Or at least so says the platform engineering company director Damon Sicore. In an email sent to the list of the company’s development of discussion, the director said “work hard on Firefox 4 and it’s time to release it.” Continue reading

Google Brazil is Ordered to Pay Compensation R $ 30 Thousand to Orkut User

The Court of Rio de Janeiro (TJ-RJ) condemned Google’s Brazil to pay compensation in the amount of R $ 30,000 for a user Orkut who had their account hacked. The profile Viviane Thebes was hacked and modified in 2005. She says she tried to contact Google for the company to withdraw the air page, but got no response.

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Twitter Lets You Follow Arrobas with Just One Click

The Twitter today announced a new feature that meets in full the demand for Internet companies. Just like Facebook offers the button enjoy certain pages and people now Twitter will allow users to follow new arrobas with just one click (or nearly so, since it is necessary to confirm the addition in a pop-up ). According to the company, it is a new way to discover and follow accounts of the sites that users access daily. Continue reading

Even with Google+, Orkut is Still in Active

With the creation of Google +, a new tactic social network Google, many people wondered whether this would be the end of orkut. After all what kind of company would maintain two similar services competing for users ‘ attention? Apparently Google is that kind of company. According to a description of Google+, orkut will continue in the same active with the new network. Continue reading

Facebook: New Privacy Control

The Facebook can not be accused of failing to control privacy for its users. The social network now has a number of improvements in control updates, photos and tags that are published by internet users who do not give up sharing their lives on the network. Now yes Mark Zuckerberg did the homework and have something to present consistent.

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